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Skilled Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Room with recumbent bike, hand therapy, and parallel bars.

For residents recovering from injury or illness and for those experiencing chronic pain, we offer physical therapy to help relieve pain and restore physical functions such as flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. Our physical therapy programs include  a combination of approaches including stretching, walking, massage, and electrical stimulation among others. The goal of physical therapy is to make daily tasks and activities easier along with keeping our clients as independent as possible.

Among the circumstances where physical therapy can be valuable are for those:

  • Recovering from injuries such as a broken hip
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Secondary complications from Diabetes
  • Vertigo
  • Pain in the knee, back, shoulder, wrist, hip and other areas
  • Along with many other conditions

Pine View Manor offers Physical Therapies for all ages in the community on an outpatient basis, as well as, skilled inpatient and Part B Medicare for residents of our facility.

Physical Therapy room with stairs, recumbent bike, and hand therapy machine.