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Pine View Manor

Welcome to Pine View Manor – Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living


The Care we provide for our Residents is very important to us, as we are in 'their' home, giving them all the love and care they need on a daily basis. The kind words and actions received from loved ones is so greatly appreciated and continues to inspire us on a daily basis.


To All The Staff Of Pine View Manor---"The family of Norman Lininger thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for the great care and kindness shown to our dad while in your care.  Thank you for the support of our families in our time of need.  The stone sits with dad's flower garden that he treasured.  Love to all."  Norman's family --Connie & Steve, Chris, Lorie, Clayton, Tammy, Jane, Barb, and Ronnie and families.


To The Pine View Manor Family---"Words can not tell you how much we appreciate all the many things that was done for Grandma Mary over the past year.  You all took such good care of her and treated as one of your own family.  The night of her passing, the staff did an awesome job with her and the family.  We thank you  all for the act of kindness and the professional way you acted during the last days.  Everyone touched Grandma in many ways and we thank you very much."  Doug and Kim Walker and family


To Everyone at Pine View Manor---"For all of us here at Pine View Manor, so thankful you are here to help everyone, and make a home for many of us.  I am so thankful to be here as the only home I have now.   God bless and keep each and everyone---you are all so good and have made this a very special nursing home."  A permanent resident,  Bessie Duley


"Can not express to you all how important you are.  Although Virginia's stay was short,  you were all attentive and I thank you for that and the memorial stone for my memorial garden."  Mary & Neal Hailey


"Pine View Manor Staff---Wanted to send a message to thank you for the great care you gave Dottie during her last days.  Before she went on hospice, I was able to see the love from each of you each day I was there with mom and then sadly, she changed in a moment, again now as her nurse, I saw such wonderful, compassionate care from all the staff!!  Sometimes, we not only forget to thank those who cared for her but to also tell you sorry for your loss--may you find comfort in the memories you had caring for her and making her smile."  Thanks--Tracy Osborn

"The gift all of you gave to me, of your love and care of my mother over the past 5 years, is so much more than I can begin to express.  You were all so loving to her and to me.  I will never forget all the wonderful stories and love you shared with me and my family.  I found out during those years how much I Loved Her and you all gave me that gift, because you loved both of us so much!...." 

- Carol Madden


"Thank you to Pam, and her staff at Pine View for the great care you gave Eileen while she was a resident there.... Thanks to Diane and Mark in Physical Therapy, she told me they could work miracles... Cathy for making sure she made it to Mass on First Friday, that meant a lot to her. Thanks again and God Bless you all!" 

- Kathy Schieber

"I can't believe what kind and gentle care Everyone at Pine View gave to Mother. You are amazing people!...." 

- Sheila Neuroth

"Dear Staff at Pine View, My thanks to everyone who cared for her, prepared her meals, did her laundry, cleaned her room - your care and concern was compassionate and attentive ... I am very grateful!" 

- Sister Eileen

"My sister, Donna (Pierce) Skidmore, a victim of Alzheimer' s and bedfast, was in Pine View's care for 3 months before her death, July 4, 2014.  I visited her on a regular basis during this time.  I also visited others while I was there, which took me to the north, east, and west wings.  All the nurses and other staff members were always very helpful and friendly and made you feel welcome.  The rooms and halls were always clean, neat and in proper order.  I was in Donna's room during times when she was being cared for and felt she was being taken care of in a very professional and proper manner.  I would recommend Pine View Manor to everyone in need of care." 

- Ralph O Pierce

To the Pine View Manor Employees, 

The cousins of Paulette Henton appreciated the fantastic care given to her while at Pine View.  She enjoyed the women who worked so hard to keep her comfortable.  Paulette never complained and sang praises for everyone. A big surprise and huge thank you for the memorial stone.  Just another reason that you're a top notch facility.  We will place the stone with Paulette at her final resting place." 

- The cousins of Paulette

"I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your kind and loving care for our Father Francis Stuart, O.S.B. of Conception Abbey.  In the numerous times that I visited with Father Francis during his time with you, he had not one single complaint about the care he was receiving at Pine View Manor.  On the contrary, his expressions of appreciation for your kindness were always clear to me....We are most grateful for the professional care given to Father Francis at Pine View, along with the very important human contact and love that you showed for him... We thank you most sincerely for all that you have done to make the final years of Father Francis's life a peaceful transition to eternal life.  May God bless you all abundantly for your goodness to Father Francis and to all for whom you have the responsibility of providing such special care... "                                                                        

-  Right Rev. Gregory J. Polan, O.S.B. Abbot

"Dear Pine View Family,

From the very bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for all the love, understanding, respect, and patience shown to Mom and to our family the last 20 months. Mom didn't want to leave her home and was determined not to be happy anywhere but home.  However, you folks won her over.  The last months she called PV home and she would light up when any of you entered the room, smiled at her, waved at her, or called her name.  There were a few of you who could talk her into anything because she wanted to please you. You were so helpful to Mom's family, giving us guidance, advice, and assistance when we weren't sure what was happening or what we should do next. For that, we are so appreciative.  You folks have a tough job to do, you do it with dignity and compassion.  Mom's at peace now...You will move on to put happiness and security in the lives of others.  Continue to do it with the passion you showed Mom and her family. Our community is so lucky to have you. God Bless each and every one of you!" 

– Joyce Howren

"My Aunt Betty passed away recently here at Pine View Manor, and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this facility.  I have had family members tell me how great the staff were when their loved one was here or how compassionate when their loved one passed away, and I experienced this same kindness and compassion.  Even when my aunt was not loveable, the staff was patient and caring with her.  They understood her pain and the reasons why she might be grouchy.  During the time when she was passing, the staff just came in to check on her.  Not just the staff assigned to her hall, but other staff members would come in when they got a free moment,  just to tell her they loved her or to hold her hand. Some would take their break, and sit with her.  All shifts did this! You have no idea how much this meant to me and my family.  They sent us a snack/drink cart, even though I work here and can get my own things. The staff brought me blankets, pillows, and helped rearrange the room for extra seating.  They also brought me lots of coffee throughout the nights.  I have always felt that it takes a special person to work in the nursing home and it is a tough job.  I have also always felt that we have a caring staff and we have a wonderful nursing home.  But, I don't think even I realized how much the staff really do care.  I had so many staff members share stories about her with me.  They really did know her likes and dislikes, and they knew about her life and shared stories with her. They were her friends.  There were staff that brought DVD's in of her favorite shows, movies, and of course, Elvis Presley! My Aunt was always more of a loner than a social butterfly, but she had more friends at Pine View Manor, than I think she ever had her entire adult life.  She enjoyed life more here, than she has for years prior to coming to PVM.  I had staff tell me they felt like she was a part of their family or they felt like she was a Grandma to them.  Many staff shared tears with me and gave me lots of hugs.  I want to thank all of the staff at PVM for the wonderful and compassionate care, for being so patient and understanding when she wasn't the easiest person to get along with, and for being her friend and part of her family while she was here the past 5 years.  I will never forget you.

- Pam Hailey, Administrator